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Therapy Services

Adult Counseling

Taking the first step can be the biggest challenge!  It is our job to walk with you and support you as you work through life transitions, anger struggles, post traumatic stress, grief, sadness, and/or anxiousness.  We provide gentle guidance as you navigate down your path of self-exploration, offering compassion and empathy along the way. 

Counseling for Children

Children naturally love to play and create things; we utilize interventions that align with a child’s natural playful and creative expression style.  Children often cannot fully verbalize thoughts, experience, or emotions; therefore, use play and art as a way to express themselves.  When working with children, although most sessions are with the child alone, we often collaborate with parents or guardians in order to track progress and obtain a broader perspective of the child’s environment and needs. 

*We work with children beginning at age 5 years old.

Teen Counseling

Teenagers are in a unique phase of life and have unique needs for counseling.  Teenagers sometimes struggle with trusting adults with their feelings, and we provide patience and support in the trust building process with teens.  We utilize fun interventions to gain awareness, as well as allow teens to have a sounding board for self-reflection.  While we do collaborate with parents when working with teens, confidentiality is very important to establish trust; therefore, disclosure is based on our judgement.


Couples Counseling

“Communication is key!”  All married couples have heard this before…and it is the truth!  We work with couples to explore healthy and unhealthy communication styles, role play communication dialogue, explore past behaviors and patterns, areas of hurt, shame, and broken trust, and collaboratively view and explore common goals with the couple for reconnection and rebuilding.  Couples sessions are typically more structured with activity that adult individual sessions, and typically range between 12 and 15 total sessions, depending on the individual needs of the couple.


Christian Counseling

Although we work with individuals, families, and couples of all religious and non-religious belief systems, without imposition of our own belief system, as a Christian based group, we know the importance of the role that faith plays in the lives of many people. As a result, we welcome the opportunity to use biblical principles and values as guidance and direction in counseling for clients, at a client's request.

Christian Counseling
Service Fees

Session Fees

Initial Intake Session:    $180 per session; 50 - 60 minutes in length

Individual Sessions:     $160 per session; 50 - 60 minutes in length

Couples/Family Sessions:  $165 per session; 60 minutes in length 

We are currently in-network the following insurance plans:


Aetna, Tricare, United Healthcare, Florida Blue, BCBS, Cigna, VA, GEHA

  • Insurance claims with the above plans will be filed for clients; however, we will be happy to provide a Superbill for you to submit to any other insurance provider.



Confidentiality is an extremely important part of a therapeutic relationship, and is held to the highest standard. As a result, great care is taken to protect your privacy. Confidentiality is strictly adhered to except in situations that involve a threat to life, abuse of a minor or an elder, or in other specific areas as defined by the law. It is policy not release any information about clients without written authorization to do so.

Our confidentiality policy, as well as other policies relative to the counseling process can be found in detail in our client registration online, or provided in the intake paperwork to clients, and are discussed during the first therapy session and beyond. We welcome you to ask any questions, or share any concerns at anytime during the therapy process.

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