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We are excited that you have found us!


We are a Christian based group of licensed mental health counselors serving the Navarre, Florida and surrounding areas.  We currently have multiple service locations within the Navarre, FL area.


We offer professional counseling sessions to individuals (adults and children/adolescents) and couples, and have a passion for providing quality service to all of our clients. We utilize a variety of counseling methods, to include cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and person centered approaches when working with clients.

Our team has extensive experience working with military/first responder individuals and families, adolescent/teen issues, couples struggling with marital issues, depression, anxiety, stress management, life transition issues, and trauma processing.

As Christians, we welcome and embrace the opportunity to incorporate biblical principles and values into our services; however, it is not necessary to be of Christian faith in order to come to our group for services. We provide compassionate and empathetic counseling services to individuals and couples of all belief systems.

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Adult Counseling 

Life can be difficult, and sometimes you need a little bit of help navigating the journey. Working with a counselor is like gaining a helpful companion while trying to make your way down a difficult road.

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Couples Counseling

It’s not uncommon for two people in a relationship to experience bumps in the road. When bumps become stuck places, couples counseling can help.

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Child Counseling

Just like adults, children face many challenging and stressful situations; however, children are less equipped to handle them which means that they may begin to act out in response to trauma or stress.  Counseling can help children work on sorting out thoughts and process unresolved emotions.

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Teen Counseling

Teen years can be some of the most difficult years.  Counseling is an excellent way for teens to work through talking about their problems with a person that they can trust.

Change is moving in the right direction.

It's not about speed, distance, or perfection, but direction.

-David Powlison 

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