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Kathryn Jones, RCSWI
Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

Hello! It is my desire to walk beside individuals and families as they learn to work through and process hardships, as well as, be able to celebrate with them their triumphs. It is my belief each individual is unique with their own insight into their journey of growth and self understanding. I believe this journey of growth  is not one you have to endure alone, and sometimes warrants a compassionate and guiding hand.  I have a passion for listening without judgement as each client discovers his or her own identity and how that relates to the world around them. I love bringing my fondness for writing, reading, poetry, and art into the therapeutic process as I believe the arts can provide a unique and individual way of expressing emotions and struggles. 


I have an eclectic background which has afforded me the opportunity to work with families and individuals from all walks of life, with each new experience helping me interact and connect better with clients.  My social work experience has included working with expectant mothers and families, life transition struggles, various personality disorders, men-specific issues, anxiety, and various adolescent/teen issues.  Previously, I spent time as a high school English teacher, which allowed me to walk with teenagers as they navigated the difficulties and

nuances of becoming their own person and young adult, while also struggling with self-esteem, familial issues, peer pressure, and school performance.

In addition, Growing up a military dependent, I have a unique understanding of the hardships, struggles, and strains deployment and service places on individuals and families.  


I am a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern, and have obtained a Master's of Social Work degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL and a Bachelor's of Social Work from Mississippi College in Clinton, MS.